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Quick Start

For those of you that are keen to use DEX here is a quick start guide.

DEX does not have separate schematic, part and PCB editors.  There is just one DEX editor that does it all.

DEX integrates schematics with the PCB in a single project file.

DEX integrates symbols with a single footprint in a single part file. A multi-symbol part  with have several schematics with each schematic representing one of the sibling symbols.

There is a very comprehensive undo/redo facility that will always get you out of trouble and thus allows you to experiment.

Use a 3 button mouse with a mouse wheel. Use the middle button to pan and the mouse wheel to zoom in/out.

Right-click on any object in a viewport to see a context sensitive menu.

There are comprehensive tooltips that appear when you mouse over dialog controls and objects in schematics and on the PCB.

Press F1 for help and search for topics using the search menu. Use keyboards like you would with Google.

View the tutorial videos. They really will help you. Take a look at the video tutorials.

Take a look at the Sample Projects.

Click on the picture below to see an independent tutorial on PCB design using DEX..

How to build a PCB design using AutoTRAX

How to build a PCB design using DEX


Mick Gulovsen